Call for papers

The Web of Things (WoT) envisions semantic interoperability by re-using well-accepted standards and technologies that have enabled the World Wide Web (WWW).
Unlike stack-oriented solutions (e.g., ZigBee), WoT proposes to achieve system interoperability at the application layer by abstracting from the sensing and communication technologies: in a rough approximation, Things are represented using Web technologies and interactions with Things are mapped to uniform RESTful concepts.

This workshop invites original research articles and review articles that focus on the Web of Things and interoperability challenges in IoT scenarios. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


      Interoperability in the Internet of Things
        Semantic interoperability
        Web of Things

    Technologies for the Web of Things
        Fog, edge, and cloud computing
        5G integration
        Semantic technologies
        Discovery mechanisms
        Quality of Service (QoS) for industrial scenarios

    Methodologies for the Web of Things o Security and Privacy
        Thing Description (TD) authoring tools and validation
        Life cycle management
        Workflows and best practices

     Standardization aspects of the Web of Things
        W3C WoT
        Interworking with other specifications and bodies

    Real-word IoT/WoT systems and use cases
        Industrial scenarios
        Smart building scenarios
        Smart city scenarios

Important Dates

 Paper submission:
16 October 2022 (Extended)

28 October 2022

Camera ready:
11 November 2022